How can I get a Meepik subscription ?

First you need to register on the website : https://meepik.infograpik.fr . Then, in the “Subscribe” tab you can choose between the monthly and the yearly subscription. You can stop your subscription whenever you want (you can’t interrupt a yearly subscription though).

How can I pay my subscription?

For the moment we only accept Paypal.

What’s the advantage to taking a yearly subscription ?

You save 3 months (15 € ) on your 12 months of usage.

What do I need to make Meepik work on my computer?

Meepik is a very light application and doesn’t need a strong computer to run properly. If you can stream, you can run Meepik. You only need a microphone and a keyboard !

How do I download and install Meepik ?

In your account page or on the homepage there is a download button. Download the .msi file and follow the instructions on screen. You might have to authorize the file download on your computer. Then, simply double click on the Meepik shortcut and login.

How do I set up my Mee ?

By default, you have a minimum of 6 Mee in your inventory. To access them, go on “Setup your Mee” and select the Mee base you want to use. Then, you can customize their colors for different elements (like hair, clothes, eyes.. )

Finally, you can bind the emotions to the keys of your choice. It is also very important to decide if you want to use the emotion in push to play mode or not. It is very important to bind your emotions before launching the live, your Mee could act weird otherwise ! Then press : “save my Mee”

How do I start to live with my Mee ?

Once your Mee is set up, you can simply press the green play button. Then place your Mee on your streaming software wherever it suits you. If you don’t go live and need to record your Mee, just press the record red button in the live player. On OBS choose “Game capture” and don’t forget to authorize transparency ! If your Mepik player goes out of your screen, you can press ctrl + the green play button to reset its position.

How do I manage the sound ?

First, choose the right input device. This should be the microphone you want your Mee to “listen” to. Then you have one “Master volume bar” which helps you define at what volume the Mee will detect you. Play with it until your Mee hears only your voice and not the noises around. The second bar is the “yell” detection. It helps you to set a threshold that enables your Mee to get in “angry mode”. You can disable this if you want.

How do I get a new Mee ?

You can click on your app button “Get my own Mee” or on the website.

You will have 3 choices :

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